How to Prevent Bathroom Mould

Mould is everywhere and particularly loves moist environments making bathrooms, attics, kitchens and basements/crawlspaces a treasure trove for fungus. Scary to hear that and even scarier to realize that mould growth is not always visible to the naked eye. Regular cleaning (without bleach, but we’ll get into that later) and mould inspections are important to […]

Asbestos compared to Black Mould

If you’re a home or business owner, you’ve most likely heard both asbestos and black mould can be extremely dangerous to the health of those exposed to it. Before we dive into the differences between these two contaminants, we want to remind you of the importance of having both dealt with professionally. The main difference […]

Businesses Need to Clean Their Dryer Vents Too

If your facility or business has on-site laundry facilities you understand there are certain maintenance activities which are essential to ensuring employee and customer safety. These types of locations include laundromats, janitorial/cleaning companies, hair salons and condos/apartments to name a few. A key maintenance activity is cleaning dryer vents to avoid lint build-ups and corresponding […]

Get Indoors and Enjoy the Fresh Air

The spring rains have stopped (though the summer ones have started) and most people are preparing their homes and businesses for the heat of a Manitoba summer. As the temperature rises so will the demand on your cooling systems. All the dust, pet fur, allergens and pollutants that accumulated during winter will be pushed through […]

Effects of Air Pollution on Children

Healthy Air for Children

A study released by WHO (World Health Organization) shows 90% of the world’s young people are breathing toxic or unclean air. As of last year, that equates to 1.8 billion children. That stat alone should take your breath away.  Now consider that 600,000 children die from acute lower respiratory infections caused by pollutants. While we […]

Abatement or Remediation – Which is Right for You?

Abatement or Remediation

You’ve discovered you have asbestos in your home or business and you know have to dispose of it. As a business in Manitoba, you should be aware of the requirement to bring in a company who is licensed and certified for proper asbestos removal.  As a homeowner, you may not be aware of this requirement […]

The Benefits of Truck Mounted Power Vac Systems

When you’re thinking about getting your ducts cleaned, it seems like it should be a very simple decision. Get a few quotes, perhaps a personal reference and pick the date. One thing to add to the list of considerations is they type of system which will be used to complete the process. There are two […]

Toques to T-Shirts Can Cause Mould

Manitoba weather is always a topic of conversation and amazement at how it can be -30 one day and +5 the next. This winter seems to be bringing quite a few of these extreme weather fluctuations. While we all revel in the joy of walking outside without freezing off an extremity, that warm wind coming […]