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Dirty duct before cleaning

Duct Cleaning

DUCT CLEANING SERVICES We do more than simply vacuum the allergens out of your ducts, read more about our duct cleaning process. Your home or business should be a space where you can feel comfortable and healthy with the environment

Technician removing block with asbestos fibers.

Asbestos Removal

ASBESTOS ABATEMENT SERVICES Asbestos is becoming an increasing concern, and safety is our number one priority. Asbestos fibers and dust cause lung disease and cancer hazard. We specialize in asbestos abatement and are leaders in the industry across Manitoba. Safety is

A wall coverd with mould.

Mould Removal

MOULD REMEDIATION SERVICES Mould removal provides peace of mind to people suffering from allergies and illnesses caused by moulds. People respond differently to mould exposure. Especially people with a medical condition such as asthma, severe allergies or other respiratory conditions

Dry Ice Blasting

DRY ICE BLASTING SERVICES Dry ice blasting may not be familiar to all Manitoba industries, but if you’re looking to switch to a safe, environmentally-friendly approach to deep cleaning in your Winnipeg business, there is no better option. Dry ice

Technology and equipment

Technology and equipment

Our company was the first in the city to bring in the mechanical brush system from Europe. Modifications were made to accommodate for rectangular ducts, and these brushes are an essential part of what makes Advanced Environmental Services a customer...

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What our clients have to say

Very fast, reliable service are the only words that mind. Don't hesitate to call these guys. They get the job done, right!

Josh Hunter

Terrific service!... The guys from Advance took the time to do the job right and stayed longer than anticipated because they were cleaning stuff out of our ducts that should not have been there given we cleaned them just last year. I highly recommend this company and will use them again.

Philip Herner

I had service done by Advance Robotic Duct Cleaning... They tidied up after themselves and were very respectful of my home. I highly recommend Advance Robotic Duct Cleaning!

Annette Greene

Recent Testimonials

The 3 man crew was punctual, respectful and efficient. They completed the work ahead of schedule but still had time to answer questions and explain what they were doing every step of the way. Office staff is professional and easy to deal with. Price was reasonable, finished product was excellent...what else can you ask for. 5 star service!


…your guys did a great job for us..I would highly recommend your company to others for any mould remediation work...

Darryl B.

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We are a bonded company called on by numerous industries: Residential: Houses, Condos, Apartments >> Schools >> Hospitals >> Daycares >> Senior Homes >> Military Buildings >> Universities >> Apartment Blocks >> General Vacuuming