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If your facility or business has on-site laundry facilities you understand there are certain maintenance activities which are essential to ensuring employee and customer safety. A key maintenance activity is cleaning dryer vents to avoid lint build-ups and corresponding fires. To reinforce the importance of cleaning, remember every year there are 15,600 dryer fires and over $100 million in property damage just on the residential side. Imagine the cost of a building full of belongings.


Types of Businesses Serviced


Vent Cleaning Service

Manitoba fire codes recommend dryer venting to be cleaned at least annually or as otherwise required. Certain insurance policies do have caveats which could void your insurance if not abided by so be sure to understand your own requirements.

Commercial dryer vents are much larger and therefore the perception is they may not need to be cleaned as often. Consider the usage level in a commercial facility compared to a residence. Most homes do laundry one or two times a week, unless of course you have members of the household who generate more need. In a commercial setting, running the dryer once or twice a day would be an anomaly. The dryer more likely to run the majority of the time it’s available to the public or staff.

Service Contracts

An added level of convenience through annual service contracts allows you to mark one thing off your to-do list. Our program provides hassle-free scheduling and provides the benefit of locked in pricing. Contact us to sign up today.

Our qualified technicians in Winnipeg with over 25 years of experience in environmental services are here to help you transform your office into a healthy, happy, and energy efficient workplace. We are equipped and prepared to handle any cleaning challenge you may encounter. To learn more about our cleaning services or to book a consultation today call us at 204-284-6390 or contact us.