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Winnipeg Asbestos Abatement Services

Winnipeg Asbestos is becoming an increasing concern, and safety is our number one priority. Asbestos fibers and dust cause lung disease and cancer hazard.

We specialize in asbestos abatement services and are leaders in the industry across Manitoba, Winnipeg. Safety is our main priority for our clients. We offer multiple services including complete asbestos removal, transportation of dangerous goods and disposal of contaminants.

The presence of Asbestos in public buildings, schools and older homes is becoming an increasing concern for the government, school administrators, as well as landlords. Not only is Asbestos dangerous to the people occupying these buildings, but if asbestos fibers are distributed into the air, people passing by these buildings could inhale them and be susceptible to mesothelioma lung cancer, asbestosis and other related diseases.

Our experienced Asbestos supervisors in Winnipeg will assess your situation and determine what type of asbestos abatement or mould remediation services is required, based on the square footage and what type of materials are affected. A Winnipeg environmental inspection may be recommended based on the severity of the situation. For more advanced cases at home, plastic hoardings are set up and a negative air machine is used in the work site. Our trained technicians take every precaution to safely remove and discard asbestos or mould-containing material.

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