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Advanced Environmental is a trusted, fully licensed environmental services company with certified and trained technicians who follow provincial health and safety regulations on proper asbestos removal and disposal of hazardous materials. We provide a responsive end-to-end hazardous materials abatement and decontamination service solution with staff that is trained and experienced to effectively and efficiently provide asbestos abatement services. We also have one of the largest abatement crews in the province, allowing us the resources to tackle projects of virtually any size.

We have the equipment such as negative air scrubbing machines to ensure the project is completed quickly, safely and in the most cost-effective manner. The most recent addition is a ride-behind floor scraping machine ideal for optimizing large flooring jobs and dramatically reducing time spent on removal.

Our Winnipeg asbestos abatement and removal services cover all sizes of commercial and industrial removals in the following types:

Our company in Winnipeg follows the required regulations including a permit from Workplace Safety and Health, third-party clearances, and job-specific chamber containment installations depending on the type of asbestos abatement being performed.

Our experienced, certified, and insured experts staff in Winnipeg provide the following asbestos abatement (removal) services:

This assessment focuses on the condition of known asbestos-containing materials for the purpose of assigning them a remediation risk level (low, moderate, or high). This risk levels will determine what level of safety precautions are necessary during the abatement process.

We utilize a reputable third-party environmental consultant to ensure the result are not biased.

All of our asbestos removal projects are completed with the utmost safety precautions taken to ensure a safe, efficient project while ensuring your timelines and budgets are met.

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