Technology & Equipment


Our company was the first in the city to bring in the mechanical brush system from Europe. Modifications were made to accommodate for rectangular ducts, and these brushes are an essential part of what makes Advanced Environmental Services a customer favourite.

Mechanical Brushes:

All of our brushing systems are custom made and are capable of brushing any configuration or size of ducts. This is the most effective way of getting a thorough cleaning of your ducts.


Air Whips:

This is a new technology that is very effective in cleaning ducts where a brush may be too aggressive. A high-pressure compressor passes air through small rubber tubes that whip around and dislodge debris that coats the interior of ductwork.


Industrial Duct Cleaning Trucks:

Our fleet is specifically designed to take on the toughest jobs. Our compressors run up to 250 psi and the vacuums can operate at 12,500 cfm. These come equipped with portable vacuums for dryer vent cleaning or hard to reach areas.


Attic Insulation Vermiculite Vacuums:

We have vacuums that safely and efficiently remove both attic insulation and asbestos-containing vermiculite. For more information on the dangers of asbestos, be sure to check out our resources page.


Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera:

In special cases, a 1½ inch camera head attached to a 100-foot push cable provides a clear visual of the interior of ductwork. Extra charges apply.