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Why is Duct Cleaning important in Commercial Spaces?

The term “duct cleaning” refers to the cleaning of heating and cooling components of forced air systems that are found everywhere including: inside your home, apartment blocks, supermarkets, schools or other commercial buildings. Dust, allergens, pet dander or even mould spores can be trapped in forced-air systems by entering through return vents or air leaks in the system. When this happens, these particles are forced by your heating or cooling systems into your business.


Dust and airborne contaminants can alter the effectiveness and efficiency of your air circulation apparatus. By regularly cleaning your commercial ducts you can drastically reduce your monthly energy costs.

The air quality that is created from a commercial duct cleaning procedure can ensure top productivity from your team. A clean working environment will allow for increased focus and a reduction in loss of workdays from illness.

Through proper management and periodic cleaning your air supply equipment can enjoy an extended life cycle with minimal need for repair.

A clean, healthy workplace leads to a clean, healthy workforce.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

How many times have you sat at your desk and thought “I just don’t feel good”? Perhaps you’re experiencing headaches, fatigue, dryness of the skin, eyes, nose and throat, nausea and a susceptibility to colds and flu. Those symptoms may not be attributed to your general health, they may be related to the air you’re breathing every day. Sick building syndrome is a term coined to describe the increasing common maladies reported by building occupants which appear to be linked to time spend in a building.


Types of Building Serviced

Types of Ventilation Systems Serviced

Winnipeg Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

At Advanced Environmental Services in Winnipeg our custom-built, high-powered vacuum trucks are equipped with powerful air compressors and attachments to take on the toughest jobs. The truck mounted power vacuum system is utilized for most of our Winnipeg duct cleaning jobs as the suction power is over 12,500 cfm’s of pressure, creating a truly powerful clean.

We also use portable units, which are effective for locations such as high-rise buildings where access can be an issue. Portable units should not be confused with Shop-Vac’s or similar equipment.

Both duct cleaning systems use hoses to go through the vents and suck up debris and contaminants. A key component that sets us apart is our brushes. Our company was the first in the city to bring in the mechanical brush system from Europe and has since adapted it to effectively clean rectangular ducts found in North America. Used together with air whips, brushing is a sure way to get a better clean than just suction alone.

Duct Cleaning Services: Service Contracts Available!

There is enough to think about when running a business. For your convenience we offer annual service contracts to provide hassle-free scheduling and provides the benefit of locked in pricing. Contact us to sign up for the service today.

Our qualified technicians with over 25 years of experience in environmental services are here to help you transform your office into a healthy, happy, and energy efficient workplace. We are equipped and prepared to handle any cleaning challenge you may encounter. To learn more about our services or to book a consultation today call us at 204-284-6390 or contact us.