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Pigeons Dropping Removal

According to a common theory, pigeons don’t eliminate waste while in flight and can be quite selective as to where pigeons drop their mess. Some experts believe this is due to the way pigeons tuck their feet against their body while flying and defecating in this position would cause dirty feet. This is why we find clusters of pigeon droppings on the window sills, decks, statues or wherever those “flying rats” can be found hanging out.

Although seemingly harmless, pigeon feces may contain bacteria and other pathogens which can pose a serious health risk to the general public in the form of diseases such as Salmonella (bacterial infection), Psittacosis (flu like illness), Diarrhea, Histoplasmosis (respiratory disease) and more.

Large amounts of pigeon droppings can accumulate on roofs and ledges of buildings and not only look unappealing, but also pigeon droppings cause smells, attract insects and become a safety risk when any maintenance is to be completed around those areas.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup: How to dispose of pigeon waste?
Simply put... Carefully!

Pigeon droppings carry pathogens that are harmful to humans when ingested and simple acts such as cross contamination from cleaning and then touching your face, rubbing your eye or even using your phone are all ways this can accidentally happen. You can also breathe in the dried particles of droppings if they’re disturbed without proper PPE.

When coming in contact with the droppings of the birds, full PPE precautions should be implemented to ensure complete protection from the droppings. At AES, we take care to prevent the spread of possible contamination outside the area being cleaned as dust and water droplets can become contaminated and pose a threat. Any pests and nesting materials we find will be removed using proper procedures, and all waste will be properly disposed of.

Our certified technicians are experienced working with toxic matter. Our services include manual surface cleaning, disinfection, nest and waste removal. To learn more about our services in Winnipeg or to book a consultation today call us at 204-284-6390 or contact us.