Information you should know about asbestos and exposure risks

Firefighters wearing respirators on asbestos disposal site.

Asbestos, also known as the “hidden killer”, is the name given to six naturally occurring silicate minerals that have the same characteristics.  They consist of long and thin fibers which contain millions of fibrils that can be easily released into the air by abrasion, disruption, or many other processes during renovation or demolition.

Before 1990, this product was considered to be a miracle building material – it is durable, fireproof and was able to be used in a variety of different ways in construction.  It was commonly used as insulation for buildings and homes, and used for fireproofing.

Exposure to such fibers can lead to severe health problems and diseases; it’s particularly known for causing mesothelioma and asbestosis.  Everyone should be aware that asbestos is a serious threat and should be safely disposed of only by experienced and certified companies like Advanced Environmental Services Inc. in Winnipeg, a division of Advance Robotic Duct Cleaning Inc.

The Globe and Mail has published an article showing that exposure to this harmful material was a factor in more than a third of approved workplace death claims. 5,000 death claims have been approved for compensation across Canada since 1996.

According to provincial and general health regulations, materials that you suspect of containing asbestos should be tested before it is disturbed.  Certified technicians can evaluate the situation and determine what type of asbestos abatement is required if tested positive, which is where a qualified professional company such as Advanced Environmental Services Inc. should be called in to remove it following proper safety procedures.  For more advanced cases, plastic hoardings are set up and a negative air machine is used in the work site to contain the fibers loosened during the asbestos removal. Trained technicians take every precaution to safely remove and discard this material using the proper equipment, as well as their knowledge and experience to dispose of such materials in a way that will minimize exposure and possible health risk.

The Canadian Government announced a commitment to ban all asbestos and all products containing it by 2018, yet there are still a lot of products and materials containing asbestos in different buildings across Canada. 

If you have any questions connected to asbestos or the asbestos abatement process, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Even if you suspect that there may be asbestos-based materials in your workplace, home, or any other building, contact our team and we can help you determine if you are right.  Most importantly, do not try to approach and dispose of asbestos-containing materials on your own!

Advanced Environmental Services Inc. is a leader in the industry across Manitoba, and specializes in asbestos abatement.   Our company offers multiple services including complete asbestos removal, transportation of dangerous goods, disposal of contaminants, as well as mould remediation.  Customers’ safety is the top priority for the company and its employees.

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