DIY Home or Business Reno – What’s Your Health Risk?

Mould Remediation

When considering a home renovation, eventually the question pops up of whether you should do it yourself or hire a certified professional. There are good arguments on both sides, like how turning it into a DIY project can help add a personal touch to it all. On the side of hiring a certified professional, you can rest easy knowing you’re going to get top quality work done on your home.

When materials like asbestos, mould and other hazardous ones come into play, the issue becomes much trickier. Now your health is involved, requiring you to give the whole project much greater consideration.

Some Materials are Very Easy to Disturb

A mere touch can disturb asbestos wherever you find it. That becomes more crucial when you consider that a single sharp fibre entering your body may cause mesothelioma. Even if you’ve seen your fair share of DIY home renovations, that’s still no assurance against the hazards posed by asbestos.

It’s the same with mould, which has spores that can fly out in several directions without precise and careful handling. In this case, the hazards range from eye irritation and throat irritation to coughing and wheezing.

Given the above issues, business renovation is undoubtedly the best option. A DIY project may sound like a good way to get active, but it’s hardly worth the risk. Let professionals handle it and you’ll keep a safe distance from those health hazards while still getting a renovated home.

It’s Not Always Easy to Know Where the Hazard Is

This one’s particularly true of asbestos, which needs you to have a very clear idea of how it looks before you start getting down to any work. It’s usually white or gray, but sometimes you can also find it in blue, adding to the confusion you might experience.

To top that, it may be in the form of paper lining, plasters or cement sheets. All that means is that it may be in a spot you hadn’t picked out before you started your DIY project, putting you at risk of disturbing it without even knowing.

The same goes for mould, as with the last point, since some spores may only have just started to gather, making them nearly invisible unless you take a very close look.

This is another reason why it’s best to have professionals handle the renovation. They’re trained in picking out the spots where a potential hazard may be lurking, even the hidden ones. They’ll be able to carry out the work in a way that preserves both their safety and yours too.

Hazardous Materials May Linger In the Air if Improperly Handled

When renovating your home while having to deal with hazardous materials, you need to be extra cautious to make sure that particles of the materials don’t stay hanging in the air even after the job is done.

The average DIYer doesn’t have the tools or know-how to make sure of this, leaving them vulnerable to health risks even after they’ve managed to successfully renovate the house. This is the point at which the hazards may be most potent since many homeowners tend to let their guard down at this stage.

With this one, a certified professional will be able to ensure that they’ve cleared the home of all risk-posing hazardous material.

When weighing between DYI and business home renovation, your health ought to be the central consideration. The most advisable move, as far as making sure you get the best possible work done and maintain your health and safety, is to simply hire a certified professional to do the job. At Advance, we are trained in identifying the risk. Contact us today!

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