Hazardous Materials Removal – Call a Professional!

Asbestos Removal

The internet offers us a level of freedom and accessibility we’ve never experienced before. If you haven’t done something before, you can research it and are guaranteed to find an online “expert” video to help you. This situation directly relates to people trying to “safely” remove hazardous materials such as asbestos from their home and business. Unfortunately the videos you find may not be offering the best advice when it comes to your health and well-being. Hazardous materials can be dangerous to you and others if not addressed properly. No one should remove or disturb these materials without proper equipment, knowledge and training.

Asbestos fibers are one of the most dangerous hazardous materials in North America. Asbestos is still in many homes and businesses, and people are attempting to remove it themselves. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and you cannot see them. They enter your body through your mouth or nose. Asbestos-related illnesses take decades to show up and are often fatal. Never attempt to remove asbestos from your property. You could expose yourself and your family and cause life-long illnesses.

So the moral of the story is that while DIY is definitely a thing now and YouTube offers endless opportunities to learn, sometimes you just don’t want to do it yourself. When it comes to hazardous materials removal, this is one of these times and we implore you to consider a professional before beginning a project such as this. We would be happy consult with you on any upcoming removal projects. Contact us today.

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