Staying Safe When Returning to Work and School

Duct Cleaning

The fall season is fast approaching, and with it comes many joys. Hot cider, falling leaves, and the holidays all come with this wonderful time of the year. However, so do the germs, and they aren’t picky about who gets them. Colds, the flu, and the latest novel coronavirus all fall into the category of all things airborne, which means that they can get caught through droplets. Properly sanitizing your hands and the environment around you is the best prevention method, but there’s more that can be done.

With people returning to school and the workplace, knowledge of virus protection protocol is very important. Washing your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds is critical in killing off the germs that spread the coronavirus. Because the coronavirus, or Covid 19, as it’s sometimes called, can spread through droplets in the air, companies and schools are really working hard to improve the hygiene in the air so that the spread can slow.

Mask wearing and social distancing are large parts of what the public has referred to as the “new normal,” but they can only get a fraction of the job done. Keeping the air clean and free of toxins and germs are another way to double down on slowing the spread, and that’s why companies and schools should seek duct cleaning service.

Since most of us spend roughly 80-90% of our time indoors, having the air ducts cleaned is a good idea. Air gets circulated through the vents inside your duct work, and with it come the germs. When considering an office or school setting where more people are likely to sit in crowded spaces, these germs can linger for longer periods of time. They also stand the chance of circulating far quicker and spreading to more people, which is the reason to get them cleaned more often. Plus, having a way to disinfect them may not be a bad move.

Warm and hot air both circulate inside your ducts, and they carry all the particles that can affect your health. In fact, the air brings with it all the dust, allergens, and dirt right along with it. Consequently, these same elements are prime breeding grounds for the harmful bacteria and moulds which trap those germs and bring them into the office or school. And in places where there are more people who gather, this is a real and serious danger. Therefore, having your air ducts professionally cleaned more often should become a top priority.

The standard for duct cleaning is to have it done once every 3 to 5 years. But with the amount of people who occupy a classroom, college dorm, or office space, it may become a recommendation to have it done a lot more often. Some schools can opt to have the duct work thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and right before the school year begins. With children now becoming more at risk to the coronavirus, this should be something that should be done at some point during summer vacation as everyone is away.

And the same holds true for offices. One potential idea is to maybe close an office once a year and have everyone work from home, if possible. During this period, a thorough vacuuming and cleaning of the air ducts should be one of the major priorities in keeping all employees safe and healthy. In fact, this is a measure that should be taken at least once a year.

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