Post COVID-19 Duct Cleaning

These are unprecedented times with high levels of uncertainty and conflicting knowledge. So let’s focus on what we do know. People spend approximately 90% of their lives indoors and pollutant levels are significantly higher than outdoors. Would it surprise you to know the EPS (Environmental Protection Agency) ranks indoor air pollution among the top four environmental hazards in America?

The focus in the last few months has surrounded on the spread of Coronavirus and the necessary precautions needed to reduce our changes of coming in contact with this virus. You’ve seen or heard the commercials reminding you how our homes have become our everything. It’s our schools, workplace, dance floor, gym and for some lucky (or unlucky ones) our hair salon. As Environmental Specialists, we know the Coronavirus is not the only disease, germ, virus or pollutant we need to combat in our homes. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) play an important role in protecting ourselves.

One theory presented by Scientists is the principal transmission mode of COVID-19 is through respiratory droplets which can travel through your HVAC system. This system circulates all the air in your home and can spread airborne viruses. Your HVAC system can provide biological growth the perfect opportunity to form and grow. Discarded skin cells combined with moisture and the lack of UB light is the perfect breeding ground for growth.

With all this information in mind, now may be the time to schedule your Spring cleaning – duct cleaning, that is. As a special offer to aid in these difficult time, we are offering FREE sanitization with all residential duct cleaning booking this month of June 2020. The product we use is food grade and safe for human and animal consumption. It kills 99.9% percent of all germs and viruses, including COVID-19.

If you’re ready to Give Care to You Air and protect your everything, contact us today!

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