Dry Ice Blast Industry Spotlight: Food Industry

Manitoba is well known for its food processing. From grains to livestock, food processing in Winnipeg and around the province is big business. According to a Provincial report in 2019,agriculture and agri-food processing contributed $4.5 billion to the provincial GDP.

When you’re dealing with numbers that big, you’re talking about a huge requirement for Manitoba food-processing companies to be cautious with contaminants and ensuring their work spaces are clean and equipment is in pristine condition. You’re also dealing with a hotly competitive market, and even the slightest contamination or worse controversy around cleanliness of your Winnipeg processing plant could be a major hit to your business in a very short amount of time.

If you’re looking for the most effective cleaning solution that is gentle on your highly-specialized food processing equipment and surfaces throughout your plant in Manitoba, then dry ice blasting is your best solution. Dry ice blasting provides you with abrasive-free, ultra-clean solutions for ensuring that your workplace is as clean as possible. On top of this, the chemical-free nature of dry ice blasting ensures your workers and operators are safe, while the speed of cleaning with dry ice means your downtime is drastically reduced.

For further proof of the benefits of dry ice blasting, check out what was said by Food Quality and Safety, a leading good processing trade publication: “Unlike sand or bead blasting… dry ice blast cleaning is not only safe for food processing environments, but also costs less, cleans more efficiently, and is more environmentally responsible.”

Dry ice blasting in Winnipeg and Manitoba is available from Advanced Environmental Services Inc. We service the food processing industry and are ready to put our clean and green cleaning methods to work for you. Contact us today at 204-284-6390.

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