Don’t Just Clean Your Ducts – Sanitize

The air ducts are one of the main components of your ventilation system. Depending on the season, they can cool or warm the air in your home. Although many people don’t pay attention to duct maintenance, it is essential to pay attention to your air ducts in a unique way and the treatments used in cleaning. Apart from refreshing your HVAC system, ductwork sanitizing also eliminates odours and any harmful bacteria that can trigger various medical conditions or allergic reactions. Whether or not sanitizing is something you are interested in, you should ensure you find a licensed and certified company to perform any duct cleaning or sanitizing services in your home.

The sanitizing process can include surface decontamination or fogging, depending on the home or business owner’s preference. We at Advanced Environmental Services Inc. use Anolyte to complete this process. Anolyte is a food-safe solution, therefore it is safe to use around people, children, pets or plants and beneficial during this COVID pandemic.

About Anolyte

Anolyte is a powerful, non-hazardous oxidizing solution that is proven to kill viruses within 15 seconds of contact.  Being non-toxic means it can be safely used in areas with people around. It has also been listed by the European Biocidal Directive as passing a lot of their “EN” tests, including the EN 14476 Efficacy test.

Anolyte contains hypochlorous acid which human beings also produce to destroy harmful bacteria in our bodies. Much like the human immune system, Anolyte can attack various harmful microbial organisms. Hypochlorous acid is commonly known for its use in the medical and food industry because of being non-toxic. And since it is also of FDA approved substances, it is safe to breathe in.

Difference between sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting

Although sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting sound similar, there are some distinct differences.

Duct cleaning services involve the manual removal of solid matter from the ducts. It includes allergens that may cause problems to people with various sensitivities as the air ducts are often filled with bacteria, mould, blackages, and dirt that need removal.

Duct cleaning and sanitizing go a step further from cleaning. Sanitizing helps to reduce germs, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. The effectiveness of a sanitizing service depends on the type of sanitizer being used, as some only reduce the number of bacteria while others kill it completely. For instance, Anolyte is known to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs within 15 seconds of contact.

On the other hand, duct cleaning and disinfecting kill germs and viruses from surfaces to avoid health problems like allergies, COVID 19 virus, and asthma.

How frequently should you sanitize your HVAC system?

Although regular duct cleaning is essential, you should also consider sanitizing but not regularly. Most HVAC cleaning and sanitizing services should last at least six months. However, if the condition in your home changes within that period, for instance, during the COVID pandemic, then you may consider treating more often. So, to keep your family safe during this pandemic, the air ducts have to be virus-free. Therefore considering this, residential and commercial duct cleaning services and sanitizing will be the best precautionary measures to take.

Air duct cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is safe, depending on what is being used and its application method. We can attest that our trained, professional technicians can sanitize and disinfect your ducts safely and effectively. Contact us to learn more about Anolyte and other services we offer!

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