Why Spring is the Time for Air Duct Cleaning

Why Spring is the Time for Air Duct Cleaning

As Manitobans, we were very excited to hear Manitoba Merv and Winnipeg Wyn predict an early Spring. Not that it’s been that bad of a winter, it’s just always a relief to hear it’s not going to be here for too long.

As you envision it warming up outside, spending more time outside and opening your windows to let the stale winter air out and welcome the fresh breeze in, that little urge to clean starts to rear its head. You start looking at your closet and thinking it’s time to purge or you notice your carpet needs a good deep clean. It’s unlikely air duct cleaning makes it onto your list but here are some reasons it should actually be the first thing on your list.

Save Time Cleaning

Our winters are dry and dusty which you’ve probably seen accumulate on your furniture and other flat surfaces resulting in an increase need to clean. Before you start the dusting process, you may want to consider where the dust is coming from and the first suspect should be your ducts. While we take every precaution to prevent duct dust affecting your home, there is always some released. Cleaning your ducts before you dust prevents double effort.

Higher Humidity = Mould

After running your furnace all winter, your ducts will have accumulated dry dust which can get sticky when exposed to the new season’s humidity. Combining moisture and dust can result in mould which will push through your system.

Remove Unwanted Guests (Pests)

In a previous blog posting about indoor air quality, we talked the surprising amount of pests and critters which can be found in your ducts. Spring is the time to shoo them outdoors where they belong.

If you’re thinking about getting your ducts cleaned, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, now is the time:

  • Is your house more than 10 years old and have your ducts ever been cleaned?
  • Is your house constantly dusty no matter how much you clean it?
  • Do you notice allergy symptoms when you turn on your heating/cooling system?
  • Do you have asthma that’s not well controlled even though you’re taking your medicine?

No matter the reason, spring is a great time to open your house to get rid of winter and clean up its residue. Maximize your spring cleaning by having your ducts cleaned by a Winnipeg Air Duct cleaning company who knows what it takes to keep air quality clean year round. So whether it’s been one year or a few years, take advantage of this optimal time for cleaning by contacting us today.

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