Advanced Environmental Services: Safety and Accreditations

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The law provides safety requirements for the workspace to ensure clear guidelines that help guide the operations of different kinds of work environments. Air quality control is a crucial part of daily life; we at Advanced Environmental Services acknowledge the importance of complying with the measures and standards set in place. We also ensure our staff are well-trained and equipped to attain the necessary certifications before being sent into the field.

We pay exceptional attention to the following accreditations:

MICRO Mould Inspection/ Remediation

Our mould remediation services involve the removal of health-threatening materials. It is our responsibility to remove these materials safely, while ensuring the safety of our clients and our technicians.

When dealing with mould, our MICRO-certified inspectors are professionally trained to accurately assess microbial contamination and find the source of the problem. The certification recognizes their proficiency in microbial inspection and ability to deliver extensive diagnoses and solutions.

Our MICRO-certified inspectors are well-versed with the latest technology. They can use thermal imaging technology and envelope design principles to facilitate advanced expert inspection of your residential or commercial property. With such resources under our belt, we can provide fast and sustainable methods of resolving any issues.

IICRC Certification

IICRC — Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification — has guided the cleaning, inspection and restoration services industry for over three decades. The Institution offers various certifications, thus holding companies like Advanced Environmental Services to the highest standards of practice in the area. Our technicians understand the importance of these certifications as much as we do; hence they are ever in pursuit of the latest training in the field. We supply our team with the necessary resources and encourage them to stay equipped with the most current knowledge to facilitate quality services for our clients. One of the most significant ways to guarantee safety is by containing our work under negative pressure to ensure it does not interfere with other areas both in and around the property.

We Are COR Certified!

We take absolute pride in our efforts and commitment to safety, which has earned us a Certificate of Recognition. The award is proof of our dedication to developing and achieving safe operations after a thorough evaluation of our health and safety management systems. Along with implementing effective occupational health and safety requirements, our company adheres to the COR code of conduct. Our team is well-trained to maintain the highest standard of honesty, integrity and trust. We also have protocols to guarantee the confidentiality of information. This is made possible by accurate evaluation, interpretation and communication of findings without compromising the privacy of our clients.

NADCA Professionals

NADCA members have been in business many years and possess the knowledge and experience necessary to perform to the highest standards.  Belonging to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association translates to a true commitment to the industry.  There is significant knowledge of the tools required to perform a quality job, and ongoing training is required to maintain the certification.  To properly clean an HVAC system, you need to both break the contaminants loose and then collect those contaminants.  Utilizing our powerful truck-mounted vacuum system and innovative brush and air whip technology, we can accomplish both key components of a thorough clean.

Why Should You Trust Us?

These accreditations support our excellent work over the years. Our extensive experience and consistent innovation of our services through technology position us ahead of our competitors. You can trust us to deliver excellent service with incomparable attention to your safety.

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