Get Indoors and Enjoy the Fresh Air

The spring rains have stopped (though the summer ones have started) and most people are preparing their homes and businesses for the heat of a Manitoba summer. As the temperature rises so will the demand on your cooling systems. All the dust, pet fur, allergens and pollutants that accumulated during winter will be pushed through and circulate through your property. Since the season allows you to get outside and breathe some fresh air, you might want to consider cleaning your indoor air for a few reasons.

First and foremost, to breathe clean air. As we mentioned previously, our never-ending winter fills your ducts with all sorts of winter debris. If you have any allergy sufferers in the location this could cause potential health issues.

The second is a little more of a traumatic thought, something you briefly consider and quickly file away during ­­­­hibernation. Where do you think all the pests and critters go to survive when the snow flies? Yep, you guessed it – the warmth of indoors. The warmest place is your home or business is your air duct system which could easily have become their breeding ground and waste disposal site. All of which drifts right into your respiratory system.

The third reason is to enhance the performance of your air conditioning system. When your ducts are full of pollutants, pests, allergens, and other harmful substance you may see a reduction in performance. This could result in overworking which costs more not only in utility expenses but potentially requiring a replacement system as it malfunctions.

For all the reasons we’ve outlined, but most prominently the concept of inhaling insects, now would be a good time to think about maintaining your air system and we are just the company to help.

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