Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting may not be familiar to all Manitoba industries, but if you’re looking to switch to a safe, environmentally-friendly approach to deep cleaning in your Winnipeg business, there is no better option.

Dry ice blasting has numerous advantages over other techniques you are more familiar with. Here’s a deeper look at some of these advantages:

  1. It’s non-toxic! – Dry ice blasting is chemical free, using carbon dioxide-based pellets to literally lift waste off your targeted surface and clean contaminants clean without noxious fumes filling the room!
  2. Most environmentally-friendly option – not only does dry ice blasting replace harmful chemicals with natural carbon dioxide, all CO2 used is reclaimed and comes from sustainable sources! That’s right – take your footprint to a whole new level of green with dry ice!
  3. It’s non-abrasive! – Clean every inch of any surface and intricate wiring without any fear of damage. Other cleaning methods such as sandblasting puts your equipment at risk of being not only scratched, but incurring severe damage that could slow your Winnipeg business while you search for repairs or replacements.
  4. No secondary waste – Dry ice blasting doesn’t leave residue or anything else behind. This is the ultimate all in one-and-done solution to deep cleaning that can leave your Winnipeg business looking fresh and feeling renewed.
  5. It saves time! – Time is money, and nothing else will provide you with such a deep clean in so little time. 

Now all this may sound beyond belief -a cleaning solution so powerful yet harmless when need be – but it’s real. Our customers tell the story for us. Companies from a variety of industries in Winnipeg and businesses across Manitoba will be the first to tell you that dry ice blasting is safe for them and the environment. Try our dry ice blast cleaning once and you’ll never want to do anything else.

To learn more about dry ice blasting, book a job or see a demonstration, contact us today at 204-284-6390.

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